Easter craft

I love a bit of seasonal craft with my daughter. Easter is everywhere at the moment and I decided to buy a few bargains from Poundland.

The first craft session was using the popiscle sticks craft set. This is rated at 3+ but my daughter who is just 2 loved helping with the set and was happy for me to do the gluing parts. The set gave us a sheep and chick to make and two flowers. Clear instructions and separate part sheet made the task easy. It was a fun activity and kept my daughter attention through out. I was very impressed with this set for £1 and would happily buy again next year.

Our other Easter task was to make an Easter bonnet. I wanted this to be a craft activity for us both and not a homework assignment completed by mummy. I bought the bonnet and decorations from Poundland and after placing the ribbons round the bonnet. My daughter then picked from the decorations what she wanted and where to put on the bonnet. We tucked the decorations into the ribbon to keep in place. This was a great tip as I later got a glue gun out that I purchased from Amazon to fix in place permanently. Fingers crossed she wins the bonnet competition at nursery!!!

happy easter xx


Mother’s Day

IMG_6638Mother’s Day next weekend, I have decided to make the card this year for Grandma and Nanna.

I decided to do handprints with my daughter. A simple green handprint with green glitter in the paint also. You then use colours to make the flowers on the fingers of the handprint.

My daughter is only two and lacks the patience to then do individual fingerprints for the petals of the flowers. Instead we use paint sticks to do the flowers instead and this is a good option to have the same effect.

Happy Mother’s day


St Patrick’s Day Shamrock craft

It’s St. Patrick’s Day on the 1st March and we decided to do some shamrock painting.

As my daughter is too young to draw in the lines, we are a big fan of templates. Instead of buying templates I decided to make the templates from some cardboard packaging.

A handy tip to stop your templates moving is to use a little blue tack. My daughter used a sponge with the green paint to get a large coverage over the paper. I also added some green glitter to the paint to add a bit of sparkle. We used the Crayola washable  green paint. When dry simply remove the template and you have a shamrock.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Fishes and Sea Monsters

After a family meal at Harvester, I took home the ideas given with the kids activity packs. See, even a family outing can bring about activities to do at home. The craft guide given was to use a paper plate to create a fish- cut a V section for the mouth out of the plate and stick this to be the fishes tail. Then paint the fish with your little one.

We did use a slightly glossy paper plate, that took a while to dry but was the only version I had in the house. The next day we decorate the fish with a googly eye, bought in a pack from Poundland and in our craft box. My daughter loved playing with the fish more than making it. Great idea!!

We also decided to make Sea Monsters. Toilet rolls painted, one the traditional green and one multi-coloured and like the fish once dry we decorated with googly eyes and craft pipe cleaners from Tesco in Go Create Craft pack. The Paints are Crayola washable paints and Tesco Go Create finger paints.


Magic Sand

The sand that is no mess, sticks to itself, can be moulded and a great activity for toddlers and children. I am guessing you saw the adverts before christmas for the expensive branded version of this magic sand. If like me you had a look at this ‘no mess’ branded version and thought this was way too expensive for something that would be used for 20 mins – then I have found a cheaper and just as good version.

Magic sand, you can buy a tub of this at poundworld for £1. I bought two tubs before christmas and but in a children’s washing up bowl (from her toy kitchen) for my daughter to play with. She loved it and it seemed to do everything the brand version had promised, stick together to be moulded into shapes but with a no mess or for parents very little mess!

Last week, I bought from Primark a bucket with magic sand and a few moulding toys for £2.50. A bargain and one up on the moulding sand on its own. This was a little difficult to use in the children’s washing up bowl, so I improvised and used the plastic tub lid from our craft box and this worked perfectly as a sand area. This was nearly 30 mins of play before my daughter decided she had enough and we packed away together.

I was really happy with this purchase and can see a few more play session with this and that just makes it even more of a bargain!!!

My only disappointment was that I didn’t spot these before christmas.magic-sand

Starting an Art and Craft Blog?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This is my first ever blog. Not sure if this is the right idea or even if this will be seen by anyone other than myself.

I have a toddler and work part-time, so I have four days with my daughter. The best balance of both, OK the bank balance isn’t great but the time with my daughter is worth living on a budget.

I love our time together and each week try and find some art or craft idea for us to do to break the time up and to have fun. I realised that coming up with new ideas each week is a little difficult and takes a bit of organisation. The key I found is spotting the bargains when out and about.

If you met me before my daughter was here, I would have laughed at the idea of me in a discount shop like Poundland. But now I love the store and the bargains that can be had for arts and craft supplies and activities.

So, with this in mind, I decided to blog my ideas and if seen by other people maybe give a few ideas. If your a part time working mum/dad, a stay at home mum/dad, full time working mum/dad, single mum or dad, take a look and see if the activities are an idea you want to try with your little one.