Easter craft

I love a bit of seasonal craft with my daughter. Easter is everywhere at the moment and I decided to buy a few bargains from Poundland.

The first craft session was using the popiscle sticks craft set. This is rated at 3+ but my daughter who is just 2 loved helping with the set and was happy for me to do the gluing parts. The set gave us a sheep and chick to make and two flowers. Clear instructions and separate part sheet made the task easy. It was a fun activity and kept my daughter attention through out. I was very impressed with this set for £1 and would happily buy again next year.

Our other Easter task was to make an Easter bonnet. I wanted this to be a craft activity for us both and not a homework assignment completed by mummy. I bought the bonnet and decorations from Poundland and after placing the ribbons round the bonnet. My daughter then picked from the decorations what she wanted and where to put on the bonnet. We tucked the decorations into the ribbon to keep in place. This was a great tip as I later got a glue gun out that I purchased from Amazon to fix in place permanently. Fingers crossed she wins the bonnet competition at nursery!!!

happy easter xx


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