Magic Sand

The sand that is no mess, sticks to itself, can be moulded and a great activity for toddlers and children. I am guessing you saw the adverts before christmas for the expensive branded version of this magic sand. If like me you had a look at this ‘no mess’ branded version and thought this was way too expensive for something that would be used for 20 mins – then I have found a cheaper and just as good version.

Magic sand, you can buy a tub of this at poundworld for £1. I bought two tubs before christmas and but in a children’s washing up bowl (from her toy kitchen) for my daughter to play with. She loved it and it seemed to do everything the brand version had promised, stick together to be moulded into shapes but with a no mess or for parents very little mess!

Last week, I bought from Primark a bucket with magic sand and a few moulding toys for £2.50. A bargain and one up on the moulding sand on its own. This was a little difficult to use in the children’s washing up bowl, so I improvised and used the plastic tub lid from our craft box and this worked perfectly as a sand area. This was nearly 30 mins of play before my daughter decided she had enough and we packed away together.

I was really happy with this purchase and can see a few more play session with this and that just makes it even more of a bargain!!!

My only disappointment was that I didn’t spot these before christmas.magic-sand


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