Fishes and Sea Monsters

After a family meal at Harvester, I took home the ideas given with the kids activity packs. See, even a family outing can bring about activities to do at home. The craft guide given was to use a paper plate to create a fish- cut a V section for the mouth out of the plate and stick this to be the fishes tail. Then paint the fish with your little one.

We did use a slightly glossy paper plate, that took a while to dry but was the only version I had in the house. The next day we decorate the fish with a googly eye, bought in a pack from Poundland and in our craft box. My daughter loved playing with the fish more than making it. Great idea!!

We also decided to make Sea Monsters. Toilet rolls painted, one the traditional green and one multi-coloured and like the fish once dry we decorated with googly eyes and craft pipe cleaners from Tesco in Go Create Craft pack. The Paints are Crayola washable paints and Tesco Go Create finger paints.



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